Property / RealEstate / Sales · October 29, 2021

Where can I sell a house? Here at Habi we buy it for you

Potential buyers of your house for sale can come from different sources or places; normally they are usually natural people who found your publication in a portal or in a real estate agency, they can also be real estate agents looking for an opportunity or a company like Habi, whose business is to buy to sell. When you sell to Habi you don’t have to ask yourself ” Where can I sell a house? ”, You just have to request an offer online and voila. Keep reading to learn more!

Who is better to sell my house to? A natural person, a real estate agent or a company like Habi?

In this blog post you will know the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 possible buyers of your house, we will analyze them in various phases of the sale process so that you can make a decision and find the answer to the question of: Where can I sell a house?

1. Publish a property for sale

To find buyers such as natural persons or real estate agents, you must publish your property on web portals or go to a real estate agency, this is a job that takes time; you must write a good description, take good pictures and upload them one by one to each portal. To be successful in the search for a buyer of this type, we advise you to upload your property in at least 4 portals, so you will have more scope.

When you sell your house to a company like Habi, you forget to publish

,You should not fix the house to take pictures, or waste hours on the internet uploading your publications, you just have to enter and register your address to request an offer.

Where can I sell a house?

Without a doubt, portals are a good option and there are many people and agents who are looking for properties like yours, but you could save all that time and effort by entering and selling it directly.

2. Security and confidence in the sale of your house

Your home is one of your most precious assets, so when selling it you must make sure that the buyer is someone trustworthy. If your buyer is a natural person, we recommend requesting personal and commercial references, so you can validate who he is and have peace of mind that you are doing business with a serious and correct person.

There are cases where sellers like you do not make sure who is the person to whom they will come, this results in them getting involved in legal matters outside of them and should be investigated for receiving illicit resources.

sale of a house Buying a house online

When selling your home to a company like Habi, the fear that your buyer is illegal disappears, since being an incorporated company has a Chamber of Commerce, NIT and a reputation that you must take care of.

3. Visits to my apartment for sale

In times of coved it is better to avoid recurring visits from strangers to your house, when you sell to a company like Habi, you only receive 1 single visit and you are sure that whoever goes to your house takes care of him and you.

Another important issue to take into account during the visitation phase is that you must bear in mind that you are opening the doors to a stranger, at this moment you do not know anything more about this person than their interest in buying your house. We always advise you to notify the doorman or a family member when you receive future buyers.

By selling to Habi you have the peace of mind that whoever visits you works for us, has an official company identification and is fully qualified to make a professional visit to you.

4. The contract of sale and the deeds

This is one of the most delicate points at the time of your sale, you must pay close attention and always seek the opinion of an expert. There are people who are dedicated to maliciously drafting contracts and then collect clauses that favor only them.

You must be careful with these real estate scams, you could lose a lot of money or even your house.

When you sell to a company like Habi, you feel reassured that the contract you are about to sign was drawn up by an expert. In addition, you can review the contract and the deeds as many times as you want, since we send you a draft before making the final version.

Where can I sell a home that is legal and safe?

Sell ​​it to someone who is supportive and impartial, who assures you that the contract they will sign is honest and transparent.

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5. Payment 

The question that follows “where can I sell a house?” Is surely “how do I get paid for my house?” you have to stop and analyze the panorama with caution.

Between 80% and 90% of individuals who buy a home do so with a loan, this means that it is very likely that your buyer depends on the approval of a loan and the disbursement by the bank. When your buyer uses this payment method you have no guarantee that the money is in their possession, the transaction can fall at any point.

Ask yourself…

What if the bank does not authorize to disburse the money?

Are you sure that the bank has already approved the property?

Are you sure the credit is still valid? It could happen that the buyer is unemployed, defaulted or their income has decreased.

Of course, there is a percentage of buyers who can use other payment methods, such as: checking accounts; With them you must be very careful, it could happen that it is from a checking account and at the time of payment you have no funds.

There are buyers who have cash in hand, such as Habi. We do not depend on the approval of a loan, since we have a very important financial support, our allied financial entity Dan International granted us a business quota that is already approved, that is why we can pay you in cash and in just 10 * days .

Reasons to sell to Habi:

  • While your buyer used a loan it is unlikely that he will pay you 100% of the money at the time of the deed, Habi YES, we pay you the same day!
  • When you do business with a natural person there is usually no entity that protects the transaction, when you sell to Habi YES; we have a trust that takes care of your money and monitors the legality of the transaction.
  • It is possible that a natural person has never made a transaction like it is in his life, we have made more than 500 purchase and sale transactions. We are experts!