Property / RealEstate / Sales · October 29, 2021

What does the price of my home depend on?

In Habi we know 2 things, the first is that if you came to this entry it is because you have in mind to sell your home, and the second is that getting the commercial price of your property is the best we know how to do, that is why throughout this In this article we will give you some tips and we will tell you the most important factors to take into account when adding value to your assets.

First things first, the most important factor to take into account is the objective you have in mind, that is, the price of your property depends on what you want to do with it, do you want to mortgage it or do you want to sell it? A mortgage will not be the same as the one you charge for a sale, today we will tell you everything we know when your goal is to sell.


It not only refers to the place or neighborhood where it is, it also has to see its position on the block or the floor where it is in the building. The better the neighborhood and the higher the stratum, the better valued your home will be. To find out which stratum it is, you can check it on the utility bills.

With regard to the location on the block, you should know that the land that is on the corners are usually better valued than those that are not, not only because they can have more access, but also because they have two fronts, facilitating the entry of light and air .

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If your property is an apartment in a building with an elevator, another factor to take into account is the floor it is on, the higher ones have a higher sale price than the lower ones, since the lighting and the view are better, they are also further from the noise of the street.


The larger it is, the higher the cost, but to make this statement you must include the location in the equation, we will explain it to you with an example: a large farm on a sidewalk can be larger than a penthouse in the most exclusive neighborhood of the city. City, but the penthouse will be much more expensive than the farm because the location it has and the development that surrounds it is different, there is ease of access and greater value.


Continuing with the previous example, imagine everything you could find around the building where that penthouse is located, surely there are many access roads, shopping centers, fashion stores, banks, public transport and even cultural places such as museums; All that urbanization around your property also affects the price, having everything close by and living in a reference point is an added value that is worth much more than you imagine.

The development not only has to do with the fact that next to your property you will find a vegan food store, it has to do mostly with public services; there are areas where there is no sewage or electricity is not even available, this lowers the commercial price of the property.


It is important to know how long the house was built, so you can have an idea of ​​the materials with which it was built and its durability over time, if it is a very old house it could be in poor condition and you should consider possible remodeling.

Market state

The price is also affected by the supply and demand that exists, if there is a large supply of properties similar to yours, prices tend to fall and if, on the contrary, there are many buyers and few homes, and prices will increase. All markets are involved, not just real estate.

Added values ​​and equipment

And last but not least, all the finishes and equipment of your home also affect the price, for example, expensive materials, number of rooms and bathrooms, garage, garden, swimming pool, etc. The more you have, the higher the price of your house, apartment, premises or farm will be.

The price of your home is the result of an equation where each of the above factors affect, at Habi we have worked to find the perfect formula to help you calculate the price of your property, thanks to big data and artificial intelligence we have achieved that with just one click you can have the price of your home.