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Sale of apartments in Cali will be 30 times faster

The sky branch has become a traditional and contemporary option for those looking to buy and sell real estate in a safe and quiet way. This city continues to grow along with the sale offer, so today we bring good news: apartment sales in Cali will be 30 times faster.

Selling an apartment in a large city of 2.2 million people can represent an odyssey for time, management and paperwork. What is certain is that the arrival of technological and closer platforms such as Habi and other protect, have boosted the experience with better alternatives to carry out real estate transactions.

People in Cali walking on the street

We have good news for those who want to sell a Cali apartment!

The real estate sector in Cali will become more dynamic and properties will sell 30 times faster because Habi expanded its coverage to this city! Since February 19, 2021, we have been accompanying the people of Cali in the most important decision of their life.

Our operation begins in commune 17, the southern part of the city, made up of 26 neighborhoods and potential and modern areas that comprise 21.3% of apartments in all communes in the city.

With a real estate appreciation of 8% per year and an expansion of 31.5% in residential properties in horizontal property, the capital of the Valley has shown in recent years a constant profitability that continues to grow by leaps and bounds day by day.

Of course, our team of scientists has evaluated, analyzed and compared all the urban characteristics of this city, from the cadastral valuation, types and quantity of properties, VIS and Non-VIS properties, to valuation; With this research we determined that the real estate market in this city is growing by leaps and bounds, that is why Habi will enter as a collaborative player, helping all agents in the sector and people looking to buy or sell an apartment in Cali.

A city of great projection

Did you know that the quality of the soil and the flat topography of the capital Santiago de Cali, make the construction have a lower price and promote the development of housing?

These are the points in favor not only for the inhabitants and investors, but for the construction companies that aim for real estate projects that pre-sell by 60% or 70% before starting works.

Panoramic view of apartments in Cali Panoramic view of apartments in Cali

Cali also has the lowest price per square meter in the market in competitive strata (3, 4 and 5), added to the rental rates that can be 25% to 30% lower in capital cities. An economically viable city in every sense. 

According to Forbes magazine “Cali is the second cheapest city to live in the region above Bogotá, Medellin, Cartagena and even compared to some cities in Europe” The stable prices of transport, the cost of rent and food stand out among the features for people who want to live or invest in the third largest city in the country.

If you are thinking of investing or selling an apartment in Cali, you can be sure that you will save time and money, not only because Habi can be part of your sales experience, but for these multiple reasons:

1. Mobility and transversally

The Calends are connected by the integrated mass transportation system MIO with complementary, trunk and pre-trunk routes and buses that cover the 243-kilometer route of the urban perimeter.

However, Cali has two technology parks, six free zones, an airport with more than 70 weekly international flights, two of the best clinics in Latin America and several cross roads that integrate the main production and consumption areas of the country: La Tonal de Occident (Pan-American Highway) that communicates with the center of the country.

2. Direct connection with the Pacific Ocean

Another aspect that privileges the options for the sale of apartments in Cali is the fact that it is the only city with direct access to the Pacific Ocean, reaffirming its position as one of the cities with the greatest potential for economic development in the country and its epicenter. From cities such as Quid, Pasto, Medellin and the imposing Port of Buenaventura (the largest in Latin America).

On the other hand, the location within the Valle del Cauca, the climate and the relief, make the city a place of great natural wealth. The confluence of rivers and other water sources make the region a natural powerhouse of crops such as sugar cane.

3. Unmatched culture

Culture is not far behind, although salsa was born as a mix between Cuban son and other Caribbean rhythms, this is the characteristic musical rhythm of Cali where the Andean culture and that of the Pacific coast come together.

In Cali there is an International Dance Biennial, which is interspersed with the International Ballet Festival; there is an “International Book Fair and also the Hear, Look, Read.” Salsa is danced all year round and there is no show in the world that compares with the “Feria de Cali “, which in 6 days (always from December 25 to 30) dresses the city in celebration and with more than 50 cultural events attract hundreds of tourists.

Cali has it all and to show a button, sales increase every year and each area shows its potential to invest.

Plaza Centro de la Salsa, Valle del Cauca collection of apartments for sale in cali Plaza Centro de la Salsa, Cali, Valle del Cauca

What are the preferred areas for buying and selling apartments in Cali?

Since its densification process began in the 1960s, population planning has been coordinated in such a way that the capital of Cali has not lost its natural charm. Cali is made up of 4 areas, where buildings and apartment’s type VIS (70%) and NO VIS predominate by 30% in strata 3, 4 and 5.

If you want to buy or manage the sale of your apartments in Cali, you should know very well the particularities of each area.

North zone: This sector is a combination of urbanism and reality where you can find apartments with very good characteristics for sale; the m² ranges from 3.5 to 4.5 million pesos in neighborhoods such as La Flora, Canaveral’s, Brisa’s de los Alamos and El Rincon, where there is also a strong commercial offer with the Centenarian Shopping Center and the Chipichape Shopping Center.

South Zone: In this zone there are different apartments that are located in a privileged place. There are different neighborhoods that make a difference for their architectural development and urban growth such as Valle de Lily, El Caney and El Laminar; there is also the Plaza 80 Shopping Center and the El Laminar Wetland Park.

West Zone:   This zone is characterized by properties with the value of the highest square meter in the city, being the sector with the highest appreciation and investment. It is also connected to the Cali River, one of the natural jewels of the West and one of the touristiest areas with the highest density of hotels.

It is also connected to El Pennon, one of the four gastronomic areas of Cali next to the neighborhood of Granada, San Antonio and Parquet del Corazon. In fact, it is a neighborhood designed for that purpose and has some of the best restaurants in the city.