Property / RealEstate / Sales · October 29, 2021

I want to sell my house, what should I do first?

Before selling something, we must know what we are selling, what its added values ​​are and what makes our product or service different from others. This marketing principle also applies when selling properties, that’s why when you decide and think: I want to sell my house, what should I do first? … The answer will always be the same … get to know it!

When we talk about what you should know about your property, it is not just knowing the number of rooms, the kitchen material or the address, we mean knowing more in depth what is seen and what is not, what surrounds it, the neighborhood and the business possibilities it can represent. Today we will talk about a Habi tool that allows you to do it for free and in seconds.

At Habi we are always creating useful products to help you sell or buy real estate, this time we have developed a tool that will allow you to know everything… absolutely everything! Of any property in Bogotá:

Property study

Simply enter the property details to begin a comparison and information gathering. We analyze our large database and the current market offer, so that in seconds, you have everything you need for a home. If you want to sell or buy you must know the advantages and disadvantages of the property, this will help you make better decisions.

I want to sell my house, what should I do first? … It is not to publish it in all the portals you find, nor is it to put it in the hands of a real estate agency, it is to know it and know everything about it, so you can put a fair and attractive price for the customers.

Commercial, cadastral and rental price

With the tool ” Property study ” you will be able to know the 3 values ​​that a property has:

1. The price 

– Commercial value: it is the one that is related to the offer, that is, the price for which you can sell. However, you are the one who determines the value of the home, we recommend setting a competitive price to attract buyers.

– The cadastral value: this is the information that is in the cadaster, knowing this value is essential to calculate the property tax. In this study you will have access to the cadastral certificate and all the registered characteristics.

– The rental value: investors are the most interested in it, it is an estimate of the monthly rental fees in the area.

I want to sell my house, what should I do to know the price? You can pay an expert or do some kind of appraisal, but it will take time and money. With the property study tool you will have the 3 most important values ​​of a home in one place and in an instant.

2. The sector

When doing a property study we not only give you information about the house, we also study the environment. That is, you will know the average value of a square meter, the appreciation in the area, the growth of the offer and even the socioeconomic characteristics.

3. Notary fees

If you want to sell or buy, you cannot miss the notarial expenses, these are a payment that must be made to carry out the deeds, and both parties (buyer and seller) must assume a percentage. By doing a property study you will be able to know this value and thus be prepared before making any transaction.

Make a real estate study now! It does not matter if you are going to sell, buy or out of curiosity, having it will help you make better decisions and be informed of changes in the market that can affect your assets.