Property / RealEstate / Sales · October 29, 2021

” I want to sell my house because I am leaving the country ”: advice before leaving

There are many reasons why you move from the country, it can be for a job, the love of your life, study or simply it is the opportunity for change that you need. Whatever the reason, leaving the country involves a very important decision: ” I want to sell my house ”, read on and find more tips to make the best decision right now.

Radically changing your life is not something you do overnight, usually you have already analyzed it several times and received a lot of advice. But time passes, every day the deadline for your trip is approaching and you must make a decision now , follow these tips that Habi has for you:

1. Before you think ” I want to sell my house ”, ask yourself ” should I sell my house ”.

Think about how long you will be leaving, will it be only a few months, a couple of years, a period of more than 10 years or you really don’t know? Also think about whether you will come to visit your relatives, how often will you do it? and where will you stay? By asking yourself these questions, you will know whether or not it is convenient for you to keep your home in a place where you do not reside.

Liquidity is something that you undoubtedly need if you plan to make this change in your life, that is why if it is essential for you to have extra money, rest assured that selling your house is what is best for you. At Habi we buy your apartment in cash and in 10 days *, once the purchase is formalized you will receive your money immediately and instant liquidity for your trip.

2 Do you already know where you are going to live in the new country?

Upon arrival, you will surely live in the house of an acquaintance or rent a space, but after spending several months, what do you plan to do? Buy a new home or rent? If you think about buying, selling your house is the best option, having another property is a responsibility that generates twice the expenses and taxes, you may not see it very significant in the short term but over the years the figures will increase.

3. Convert your home into an investment? 

If you decide to keep your home, there is always the option of renting it out and thus generating extra income, but to do so you must leave the property in charge of someone or opt for the service of a real estate agency. The service they provide is complete and safe; However, if there is a problem where you should be in person, it will be difficult to solve it being many kilometers away.

Before deciding “I want to sell my house”, establish a plan for the future, keep in mind that there is a factor that you cannot avoid: time . The sale of a property in Colombia takes an average of 12 months, that is, if your trip is in 3 months, you should start looking for a buyer as soon as possible and accelerate all the processes.

With Habi “ I want to sell my house because I am leaving the country ”, it is not a concern, our buying process can last only 10 days *, you do not have to make arrangements and best of all: we help you in every step simplifying all processes and giving you the opportunity to focus on your journey.