Property / RealEstate / Technology · October 29, 2021

How to sell a house with technology? tools and tips

Technology has helped us to do unthinkable things, to reach places where we had never been, and to create solutions that we thought were unattainable; with it the doubts of how to sell a house have been transformed, now doing it is more dynamic, reliable and just one click is enough.

When you finish reading this post, you will know how technology reduces the time and effort of selling or buying a property, you will discover the ways in which it is helping the real estate market, and all the sellers and buyers of real estate in the world. .

Calculators and simulators

They are small developments that come configured with the percentages of taxes, rates, times, mortgages, credits or financing in general, with them you can simulate transactions so that you and the buyers of your property have an idea before doing the business.

Realtors use these calculators to clarify financing questions for clients who are looking to buy or sell a home. One of the ones we use the most at Habi is the real estate solutions simulator from Bancolombia, our allied bank, where you can simulate mortgage loans, housing leasing or real estate leasing.


We know that now everything is done through the internet, but how to sell a house by this means? To buy a home you must experience it, especially if you are not in the same city or country, taking a flight to know your future home would be a great expense. Faced with this type of situation and to bring people closer to their dream of housing, there are 2 graphic resources widely used by Habi, construction companies and real estate companies:

Virtual reality in real estate

With the help of glasses, people live an immersive experience, they can appreciate the real dimensions from anywhere in the world. This tool is also functional when the properties are still in plans, it allows to bring to reality the projects that have not started work.

360 ° apartment tours

They are photos that allow you to see without stepping on the property you want to buy, you can explore every corner of the property with real photos or renders and browse the apartments for sale you want.

Property information pages

One of the most common problems when selling a property is that the information is very messy, we have photos on one side and texts on the other, telling people that we are selling a property ends up being spam in their inbox or one more post In social networks, to put an end to this problem, we created a technological sales tool that solves it:

The property file

The fastest and most professional way in which you can gather in an orderly and complete way all the information of your property, when creating it you will obtain a link that you can publish anywhere and share with whoever you want, so the information will reach more people and you will sell more Quick.

This tool includes an expense calculator, a financial simulator, a map connected with Google maps and even a list of relevant nearby places, best of all, you can customize it however you want, you are the one who sets it up and decides the information to be shared. .

If you have a property for sale, do not hesitate to use it, make your file here.

Real Estate Portals

There are websites or apps that solve the problem of getting clients when you do not know how to sell a house, buy it or rent it, these portals are the best channel to advertise or get options, they are a showcase where sellers can display their properties and buyers They can see the entire offer categorized and ordered.

Publishing properties in real estate portals is very simple and can even be free, if you are new to the subject of real estate, starting here is a very good option. For an advertisement to have more results, we recommend you put an attractive title where you highlight the main attributes of the property, for example, the views or the location, it is not the same to put ” Apartment of 100m² ” to put ” Spacious apartment of 2 rooms with panoramic views of the mountain ”; Regarding the photos, make sure they are of good quality, before taking them open the sales and turn on the lights so that it is seen more illuminated.

These sites filter the characteristics so that the searches by potential clients are more precise, they can select the location, budget, age and much more, the more details you provide, the easier and more accurate the search or sale will be.