Property / RealEstate · October 29, 2021

How much can I sell my house for? Habi helps you calculate the price

When we want to put our home up for sale, the first thing that comes to mind is: what price do I put on it? How much can I sell my house for? Or how much would a buyer be willing to pay for it? There are many ways to know the answers to these questions and today we will talk about them, we will tell you how we do it and we will tell you more about a new Habi tool:

The online home price calculator

How is the price of a property calculated?

In general, those who want to know the price of a home go to these 4 options:

1. Real estate appraisals

They are carried out only by experts, they are called ” Appraisers ” and they are legally authorized professionals to determine real estate prices. They have precise answers to the question of: how much can I sell my house for? However, recruitment costs are high and waiting times are long.

An Expert focuses on how the property affects the quality of life, analyzes various factors ranging from the physical conditions of the property, the square meters, the state, to the neighborhood.

There are many people and companies that offer this service, we recommend that before paying for it, you check that it is an entity or a certified professional with studies and sufficient experience.

The Experts are a great help when you have very complex properties, with historical value or some level of cultural importance that is why if you think that your property has these characteristics, we recommend opting for this option.

2. Cadaster

It is a registry, a census or an inventory of all the properties that take place in the district, it is duly organized and classified in order to achieve its correct legal, physical, economic and fiscal identification.

How much can I sell my house for? It is a question that the cadaster can help you answer. However, the data they have in their records may be out of date or not as accurate.

The Special Administrative Unit of District Cadaster -UAECD- is a district entity that is why all of us as citizens can access it and the information it collects. To learn more about this census, we invite you to visit the official website of the city of Bogotá: , each district has its own entity.

3. Ask a neighbor

Without a doubt, it is one of the 3 traditional options to know how much to sell a property for. This may be the fastest, just ask the neighbor for how much he would sell his home for you to put a similar value on yours. You would think that because it has the same location and even a similar size, its price would be the same, but you are wrong, each property is special, it has details that make it unique and its own history.

how much can I sell my house for

Asking the neighbor will only fill you with more uncertainty if you are looking to answer the question for how much can I sell my house?

4. with technology

This is the way we do it at Habi, with it we collect and classify property information exponentially; using it makes our database immense, so large that we have to teach that data to behave in a specific and autonomous way. We make them work alone and behave as if they were robots, we call this: Artificial Intelligence.

We teach them to behave and analyze themselves through algorithms, a set of operations that makes the properties compare with other similar ones. In Habi the question of: how much can I sell my house for? Does not exist, the data works to give us the answer immediately.

How can you calculate the price of your property instantly, formally and without leaving home?

In Habi we have the answer to everything you want to know about the property you want or have, that is why we created: an online price calculator , the solution to the question: how much can I sell my house for ?.

This tool was created by our team with the same technology that we use at Habi to determine prices: algorithms, big data and artificial intelligence.

With this calculator you can not only obtain the commercial price of your home, you can also know an approximate value of the rental fee and notarial expenses. What are you waiting to try it, it’s free!