Property / RealEstate · October 29, 2021

How do you sell a house? 3 Habi tools that will help you do it

Selling a house, an apartment or any property is not an easy transaction, it requires focus and care, it is a long process and with a lot of paperwork. That is why in this new entry, we will show you how a house is sold through 3 tools, with them you can calculate the price, find a buyer and show your property, keep reading!

1. How much is my home worth?

We know that your property is worth a lot, especially if it is the house where you grew up, its emotional value is incalculable. However, you should keep in mind that your buyers will only take into account the tangible value, that is, the square meters, their finishes, the location and their value.

The first thing you should know in the process of how to sell a house is to calculate the price, you can do it by asking the neighbor, consulting the “cadastral appraisal” or hiring an expert. These three options will help you get an idea of ​​the value of your assets, but they may only end up filling you with uncertainty or causing you to spend money.

At Habi we calculate the price through an innovative and 100% digital way; first, we take the characteristics of the house (size, location, number of rooms, finishes, etc.) and compare this data with other similar properties in our large database, we do this through artificial intelligence and algorithms, which allows us have the price in an instant.

The good thing about the way in which we obtain the price is that we make the comparison with the current offer on the market, that is, with competing properties.

Want to get the price of your home ?, on our website can tell you more than just the market value of your property, with study tool property we tell you everything about your property, see you an estimate of the rental fee !, do it totally free here.

2. Where do I get the buyer?

Another important component in the middle of the process of how a home is sold is the buyer. How to get people interested in your property? Where are the clients? Are they looking for a property like mine? … Take it easy, the world is huge and there is always someone looking for what we have.

how is a house sold

There are many channels through which you can communicate that your property is for sale, the most effective are usually specialized portals, social networks and even What Sapp, but before you start sharing you must organize the information.

A common mistake is to upload photos and features in an informal and disorganized way, you must give your sale professionalism!

In it you can show your clients from the exact location on a map to give them an idea of ​​how much the services can cost. If you have a property for sale, do not hesitate to try this tool as soon as possible, it is free!

3. How do I show my property?

The last step that you should know in the middle of the process of how to sell a house, are the visits; a crucial moment in making the purchase decision.

Following the COVID-19 and all the measures we have had to take to prevent its spread, visits has become complex, is a situation that sellers and real estate around the world have had to overcome in order to continue business, They have done it with technology!

Virtual tours, 360 ° photos, augmented reality and video calls have been the solutions that the real estate union has found to bring clients closer to their new home.