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Did you know that you can invest in real estate without buying a home?

What is crowdfunding and how do we put it into practice at Habi?

It is important to first define what crowdfunding is in order to be able to talk about crowdfunding in the real estate sector. Crowdfunding or crowdfunding is financing through economic donations in a virtual way. With the intention of raising funds for any purpose.

We use this method in Habi with the intention of democratizing the sector and that the person who has an interest in being part of the real estate revolution, could be. We offered investors the opportunity to invest in crowdfunding and the option to buy real estate without so much money (you can invest from 200 thousand pesos)

A2censo is a product of the Colombian Stock Exchange aimed at people interested in investment projects, where they offer personalized attention and guide you on how and in what to invest money. A2censo provides financing options and has links between Colombian SMEs and investors.

Habit’s investment round became the largest of the crowdfunding platform in Colombia and broke records in amount and collection time. During the first 4 minutes we collected $ 1,000 million and in just 15 minutes we had already collected 50% of the total amount, that is, $ 1,500 million. The average investment per person was $ 2,000,000, demonstrating people’s interest in investing and participating in the democratization process in the Colombian real estate.

Thanks to our 1,421 investors, we broke records and raised 3,000 million pesos in less than 6 hours. We managed to be a benchmark in the national market and show our leadership in the segment that we need in the future.

Current Real Estate Crowdfunding in Colombia.

In line with the purpose of democratizing the market and real estate crowdfunding in Colombia in Colombia, in Habi we joined with a2censo, the crowdfunding of the bvc – Bolas de Valor’s de Colombia, to raise an unprecedented investment of $ 3,000 million.

How does the bvc work and how to invest in real estate crowdfunding in Colombia?

The bvc is an entity that acts as a strategic ally of the financial and stock market sector. This acts as an investment platform in Colombia in which real estate investors and entities that need capital mediate.

A2censo is a crowdfunding platform, that is to say, a collaborative financing platform of the bvc that allows the financing of projects to invest in growing companies from $ 200,000, without the need to be an expert. This is the only investment platform in Colombia with the endorsement of the Colombian Stock Exchange and the Financial Superintendence.

So far, 4,053 people have made investments in 59 Colombian companies through Ascension Colombia, managing to mobilize more than $ 16,000 million. These companies are strengthened by the hand of strategic allies such as the IDB Lab, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, impulse, the National Guarantee Fund, Bancóldex, the Development Bank of Latin America – CAF, among others.

How can I invest in the Colombian stock market?

Through crowdfunding platforms in Colombia, you can invest from 200,000 Colombian pesos and finance different projects according to your interest. In this way, you can invest in shares issued by companies in order to generate capital through investors.

Investing in Habi is a good option, as you do not need large amounts of money to do so. This is how we have different allies to provide security and confidence.

Do you know the entities in Colombia to develop the crowdfunding exercise?

At Habi we always think about making your life easier. That is why we seek to ally ourselves with different financial entities so that the procedures are more agile, comfortable and safe.

  1. Ban Colombia
  2. Bank of Bogota
  3. Compatriot
  4. Colombian Titularizadora
  5. Credifamilia
  6. The Lonja
  7. Lonja de Bogotá
  8. Uracil
  9. Aydin Real Estate Development and Promotion Lonja
  10. MLS Real Estate Network

How was Habit’s investment in a2censo?

In October 2020, we made our first investment with the Colombia crowdfunding platform, a website to raise funds, allowing 178 Colombians to invest in crowdfunding since the Stock Market was held and we took the first steps in the democratization of the sector. In that first round, we obtained $ 400 million collaborative financing also in record time. The operation, which was planned to take place over 62 days, was able to award the amount in just 77 minutes.

Our co-founder stated that: “given the speed with which we closed the first round last year, hundreds of people were left out, therefore, we decided to have a second chance for Colombians to have the opportunity to invest and be part of the democratization of the sector ”.

One of the investors assured that: “the business model and accelerated growth of the company gave me the security of investing again. Also, because real estate investment is very stable, its valuation is high and it is one of the most coveted by Colombians”.

“With these two campaigns we marked a milestone: the record of collections for the investment platform in Colombia and it is also a milestone for the history of real estate in Colombia. Without a doubt we thank all the investors who believe in this company that comes to transform the way of buying, selling and investing in real estate”.

Brynn M. Rojas, co-founder of Habi.

“A new milestone in a2censo was reached by a transforming SME, Habi, which had previously trusted us, reaching the highest amount financed. It is very satisfying to see how these ventures grow and adapt reality to the needs of people, taking them to the digital world of today. And also with an investment community that bets on new sectors with innovation”.

Juan Pablo Córdoba, president of the bvc.

In this second round, seven months after the first, we once again set the record for collections and financing of a2censo projects, and for that we thank the 1,421 investors who believe in us to transform and democratize the housing sector.

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The health emergency caused by Covid-19 considerably questioned all sectors of the world economy. However, real estate investment has generated peace of mind to those who have trusted in the sector, thanks to its stability, high valuation, clarity about how it works and the possibility of investing shares in Colombia. Thanks to this, the real estate has become one of the most desired investments by Colombians with the help of crow funding platforms in Colombia.

The real estate sector showed resilience in the face of the situation and managed to stabilize quickly. We analyze that after the Covid-19 crisis in March 2020, sales in the country normalized for July. The month with the highest supply of new housing was November, the highest level in recent years.

At Habi, after a year and a half of starting operations, we carried out more than 600 transactions and during the last 12 months we have grown 40% month by month. We know that homes are a place for the construction of families, thousands of stories, new beginnings and the most important decision of Colombians.

We believe in technology and data as transformative vehicles of experiences. For this reason, we create customized digital products that provide owners, buyers, agents, construction companies and all those who belong to the real estate environment, tools to make better decisions. Through this protect union we seek to empower the Latin American middle class in the most important decision of their life: buying or selling a home.