Property / RealEstate / Realtor · October 29, 2021

Choosing a house or an apartment?

Many of us may have childhood memories in our head where we went to visit our grandparents, a house that was surely full of wide spaces, high ceilings, multiple rooms and large gardens where we played as children. Previously, houses were the types of housing preferred by people, mainly because families were very large and needed enough space for everyone, today in those typical houses of our grandparents large residential buildings rise, it is incredible to think that where only one lived family, now hundreds of them live in apartments.

 “Today the apartments are the favorite option to live for many.”

Population growth, security, people’s incomes and other factors have made apartments today the favorite option for many to live in. What type of home would you prefer to live in, at home or in an apartment? In this post we will analyze the characteristics and the pros and cons of each type of home, so that when you finish reading you will be very clear about which is the ideal one for you.


Security is definitely one of the characteristics that generates the most value in this type of housing; Most of the buildings, complexes and units have 24/7 private security service, you can live with more peace of mind knowing that no one will enter your home without being announced beforehand. Another advantage of having a porter is that you can receive packages without being at home, there will always be someone who can do it for you.

Living in a horizontal property brings many benefits related to entertainment and enjoyment for all family members, many of these types of homes come with social areas such as lounges, park, swimming pool, gym, sports fields and even cinema! They are maintained by all residents as they share and care for them.

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One of the most common problems of living in apartments is the neighbors, only a wall will separate you from them, so it could happen that their parties, their tone of voice or their way of walking with heels take away your sleep, however there are laws that regulate these behaviors and promote good coexistence.

  • In an apartment you will not have your own garden, but you will have one shared and taken care of by the administration.
  • You will not have much privacy, they will always know who enters and leaves your house, but no one will do it without your permission.
  • The buildings represent a saving of the public space, they are an intelligent and sustainable alternative for the good use of the land.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of living in apartments, however only you know how you could handle them and if they are really relevant to your lifestyle, at Habit we think that they are a way of making life more practical for people and that is why they are the first type of home we buy.


When you live in a house the main benefit is the freedom to do whatever you want, you can make internal repairs and adjustments without having to ask anyone’s permission; you are free to take whoever you want or to play your favorite music, the neighbors are no longer a wall away, so the noise you make will not reach them.

A house is more spacious, it is ideal for large families that even have several pets, with larger spaces, household tasks such as cleaning become more tedious … more spaces to clean, more repairs to do. There are not many new houses on the real estate market, they are usually many years old and the one you choose to be your new home may have many repairs to do.

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The houses lack permanent surveillance that is why we suggest that you opt for a technological service of cameras that allow you to monitor the security of your home, in addition it may be located in remote places, further increasing the risk of theft.

  • In a house you are free, but you must always be alert.
  • In a house you have more space, but more things to order.
  • In a house you will lead a calm, quiet and relaxed life, but not practical.

Living at home or in an apartment is a decision that you should not take lightly, think first about your lifestyle, the size of your family and how you visualize yourself in the future, after doing so, review your budget and analyze the options, Remember that buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your life.