Property / RealEstate / Sales · October 29, 2021

Buying Habi apartments: profitability from the first minute

Real estate has always been one of the favorite investment alternatives. The purchase of apartments, houses or any real estate, are and will be a safe and profitable ground to sow an investment. Investing your money may be better than saving it, read on and find out why.

Homes are part of the basic needs of people, especially at this time, the COVID-19 crisis has made homes change their role in society, and they went from being rest spaces to productive places where work activities are carried out, academics and much more.

purchase of apartments

Arriving at an investment that fits your budget can take you around 7 months, in this process you must search, call, visit, negotiate and do a very extensive paperwork. Maybe after much digging in real estate agencies and web portals you will find it, but … how do you know what the best investment is? How can you be sure that there is no better investment? Habi we know: with technology.

In Habi we have technological tools that allow us to have the current offer of apartments on the radar. In addition, we have a specialized team that focuses on finding, analyzing and validating a good investment with data in just 2 months, less than a third of the average time.

We guarantee an investment with a return from the first minute of your purchase, not only because of our search for properties with a high appreciation of the city, but because we assure you the first 6 months of rental.

We are certain that our properties for sale are such unique investment opportunities that we can secure you income or a tenant as soon as you make your purchase.

Why are we so sure?

We investigate the offer published online and walk through the areas window by window. We do this several times a month, in order to keep the data updated; once we have all the current offer we process and organize it.

We make more than 10,800 calls per month to validate the information collected, resulting in more than 4,000 real estate possibilities. These apartments are subsequently analyzed by a proprietary algorithm that takes into account 25 variables to choose the best opportunities and predict their market value.

This exhaustive and meticulous search carried out with Artificial Intelligence is the first step of the process that only takes 1 month, doing it in the traditional way and without technology would take at least 4 months.

The visits

The purchase of apartments has a decisive point and it is the visit, our experts make more than 90 visits per month to validate the quality of the investment.

We negotiate for you

In a board made up of experts with more than 11 years of experience in the sector, we evaluate the best investment opportunities one by one and negotiate them for you, to do so we not only take into account the apartment, we do a comprehensive analysis where we include the whole and the potential of the area. Our research is so exhaustive that we can tell you the commercial value of every apartment in the building or complex in order to make the best deal.

The trips to the notary, the lines at the banks and all the paperwork becomes easier, we are by your side in every part of the process, we advise you so that you obtain financing alternatives that best suit your needs, in addition, we act as facilitators with notarial and banking entities.

Today we have more than 150 identified apartment purchase opportunities, a wide portfolio of properties with 6 months of insured lease. Do you want to invest in them or do you know someone who may be interested? Write to us and we will contact you to tell you more.