Property / RealEstate · October 29, 2021

Buying a house online: the Ministry of Housing and Habi make it happen

With the aim of taking a new step towards the digitization of state processes and that all Colombians can buy a house online, the government, in this case, led by the Ministry of Housing, have been developing a digital writing process that will revolutionize the real estate industry.

For the pilot of this project, the Government invited and Bunco de Bogotá to participate, two organizations that have continuously worked to implement technology in the real estate world to improve the user experience, and to make buying a house for internet possible. 

This development reduces by half the times that are usually used to carry out the physical procedures of buying a property, it is much more efficient, with lower costs and without travel; while completely eliminating the margin of error. The entire process is carried out through a platform and people will be able to access a pre-approved credit: the appraisal is done digitally and the notary public generates the registration minutes.

Buying a house online

“The home deed process is a manual process, with several players in the ecosystem that takes several days. With this initiative we will have the deeds formalized in record time and with zero errors, through specialized software

With the realization of the pilot test of the digital deed signature, the aim is to perfect each part of the process and optimize the participation of each actor: real estate, banks through mortgage loans and leasing; and notaries, thus facilitating the operation. “It has been a very agile, easy and accessible process. I felt very safe and ready to be part of this new way of accessing housing,”says Johana Macias, the first person to do the digital process.

From this pilot test, it is expected that the MinVivienda will promote a regulation around the digital mortgage, so that the entire industry has access to the great benefits of this tool that promises to revolutionize the acquisition of real estate and buy a house online.

Buying a house online

” We are very honored to participate in this historic moment in the real estate of our country, not only because it is a great step for the operations of our company, but also because it is the beginning of a digital revolution where all the actors of We will benefit from this industry, ” says Juan Esteban Esguerra, Vice President of Operations at

Very soon we will be updating you on how this pilot test is going that will revolutionize the most important transaction of your life: Buying or selling a house.