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Baby Boy’s Room: +90 Projects to Inspire Your Decor

Once the anxiety of knowing the baby’s gender is over, it’s time to start planning the details of its arrival, thinking about it, we created this content aimed at decorating baby boy’s rooms.

In other words, if you are going to be a mother of a boy and want to do your best in decorating your room, see below the projects that we have chosen and get inspired, you will surely find ideas that have enchanted you.

Men’s Baby Room: Gray and Its Compositions

In fact, gray has been gaining prominence in children’s room decorations for some years now, as it is a neutral color but much more modern than beige and sand tones, it provides great combinations with warm and flashy colors, and more neutral colors as well. .

Image 1: This wonderful children’s room is contemporary without ceasing to be childish and playful.

  • boy baby room with gray and white mountains wallpaper.

Image 2: But, in this decoration we can see how it is possible to make a childish and striking composition with neutral and light tones.

  • Baby Boy Baby Room Gray and White Monochrome

Image 3: However, this room with a mix of prints and textures brings visual comfort and modernity, and all this is possible due to the neutral colors contrasting with yellow.

boy baby room gray and yellow chevron trend

Tumbrel Decorations

In second place as the most sought after style on Interest, Tumbrel is a decor style that has gained many followers, especially among teenagers, for being easy and fun to make and play with more playful and geometric themes.

Image 4: Certainly, this room will catch your attention, the graphics and the differentiated painting on the wall is the great attraction of this decoration.

  • baby boy's room black gray and white

Image 5: In the same line, wood in natural tones with gray and white, this room brings warmth and coziness.

  • gray nursery with Scandinavian white dot

Image 6: In short, a bold project with a black chalkboard wall and a child’s touch came with the bunnies and accessories.

  • tumbrl black and white children's bedroom

Baby boy room: gray and yellow composition.

Gray and yellow is the new black and white, especially in children’s rooms, this composition has become a wild card for those who want to escape the obvious and the traditional baby blues and pinks.

Image 7: If you don’t want to invest in wallpaper you can choose to make thick stripes on the walls, it creates a beautiful and space-extending effect.

  • baby boy room wall with gray and white stripes. baby room in shades of yellow

Image 8: In addition to the gray, we can see that the highlight was the plaster work on the ceiling , painted yellow.

  • gray and yellow nursery

Image 9: After the strong yellow, it’s the turn of the geometric wallpaper and softer tones.

  • fourth boy yellow and gray

Vintage style

The vintage style is another great darling of recent years for children’s room decoration, a world trend, it aims to bring affectionate memories and a more intimate air to the projects, it is common to see environments where the hand goes wrong and the environment ends up with an air dated.

Picture 10: Children’s bedroom with wall lined with checkered fabric in shades of beige and grey, white Provençal crib and wooden niches.

  • vintage children's room wall lined with fabric. vintage room

Image 11: Here, the design of the furniture is inspired by the decor of the 70s, combining with the parquet flooring that recalls the same period.

  • retro boy's room

Image 12: Even more vintage, the brick wall breaks the traditionalism of the furniture design, the crystal chandelier and the wallpaper bring vintage to the room.

  • brown and beige vintage baby room

Blue and its shades

For those who don’t give up blue for a boy’s room, there are many options, from the traditional baby blue, which appears revamped and more modern, to navy blue, which has been gaining fans for being versatile.

Image 13: However, here the baby blue appears redesigned, the wallpaper that rises to the ceiling creates an original effect.

  • baby blue male room with clouds

Image 14: In the same way, this project uses blue tones but in a different way, here it appears in the wallpaper.

  • blue baby room decoration

Image 15: Above all, blue is democratic, here it appears in its marine tone, composing with white.

  • navy blue male children's decoration

Dark Blue Children’s Decor: Take the risk without fear

In addition to pastel blue and navy blue, blue in its darkest and grayish tones has been gaining adherents, although it requires a certain dose of boldness in the composition, it can be beautiful and delicate even for the baby’s room.

Image 16: For example, this room with dark blue wall and gold stars was delicate and didn’t charge the environment.

  • baby blue and gold bedroom

Image 17: As well, this environment presents a dark shade of blue, bringing a masculine touch to the room .

fourth male navy blue baby

Baby boy room decoration in blue: stripes, gradient and furniture

The blue you so desire for your boy’s room doesn’t necessarily have to be on the walls, or if it is, it can be presented in a more fun and innovative way. Have you ever thought about using stripes and gradients on the walls? And colored furniture?

Image 18: As a result, this room has two strong trends: stripes and a shade of blue.

  • baby room boy blue gradient

Image 19: Equally, here, the blue color appears in a strong hue on the ceiling wheel, furniture and fabrics. Neutral Wallpaper composes with balance.

  • navy blue cradle

Image 20: Furthermore, in this project the dark blue appears only in stripes on the wall and in accessories, the orange cradle makes the contrast.

  • baby room blue stripes

Male Baby Room: Bet on the Green!

Have you ever thought about the green for the baby’s room? Those looking for something more neutral end up opting for yellows, whites, grays and earthy pastels.

First of all, green can surprise you for its versatility to combine with different colors and compose projects with very different proposals.

Image 21: As a result of this project we have a room full of charm due to the wallpaper in shades of green.

  • green baby room

Image 22: In contrast, in this project the green mountains appear in beautiful plaster work.

  • baby room with green mountain Children’s room with plaster work and lighting.

Image 23: Here the green appears in a dark tone contrasting with golden details, natural fibers and white.

Dark green and white baby room.

Dark Green: A more sober trend

As well as other darker colors, at first glance it may look very heavy, but let’s show you some photos that prove that dark green can look beautiful and sophisticated for your baby’s room.

Image 24: Much like the previous design, the pine green makes a beautiful contrast to the copper cradle.

Baby room boy vintage view pine tree with golden

Image 25: Surely this room will convince you. Dark green looks beautiful with white and light and dark wood tones.

  • baby room natural crib and dark green wall

Image 26: According to the previous project, this project the green comes in a much closed tone with texture and contrast with white.

  • baby room dark green wall with texture.

Other compositions with shades of green

Green has a huge range of hues, from gray to green that goes to yellow and citrus, it is possible to make beautiful combinations for your baby’s room.

Image 27: Mainly here, the project became modern with olive green paneling and colorful accessories brings originality.

  • baby room olive green paneling

Image 28: In fact, here the green is very soft, and it appears in details and in a pastel tone in this project.

light green and gray nursery

Image 29: But, in this project, the green is only for the plant, which breaks the monochrome of the white and becomes the focal point.

  • white baby room with plant

Colors to cheer up and have fun

However, there are those who prefer to invest heavily in colors when creating the decoration of the baby’s room. Below, we’ll look at some design examples that emphasize more vibrant colors.

Image: 30: Just for example, this room focused on orange contrasting with blue and purple.

  • colorful baby room

Image 31: On the other hand, multicolored accessories to match the crib and brick wall.

  • baby room with blue colored crib

Image 32: Wallpaper with soft colors contrasting with white and gray. Colorful without being flashy.

  • colorful baby room with wallpaper

Baby rooms: original and bright colors

Although it’s a children’s room, it doesn’t necessarily have only children’s motifs, it’s possible to dare with elegance and leave the traditional.

Vibrant wallpapers and colors can bring joy and style to your decor.

Image 33: In other words, this room sums up the concept. The wallpaper is not childish, but it brings color joy to the room.

  • baby room with yellow wallpaper

Image 34: On the other hand, the visual impact here is due to the wallpaper and the light blue of the furniture.

  • blue and gray baby room with polka dots

Image 35: Also, here the highlights are the super heroes and baby blue contrasting with dark wood.

  • colorful super heroes baby room

Children’s projects with visual impact: Boldness and Beauty

Some moms choose to create an environment with a strong visual impact, whether with paintings, colors, wallpapers, and the results we will see below are incredible.

Image 36: As a result, all the attention of this project was turned to the orange tree and giraffe paintings on the wall.

  • orange baby room with giraffe

Image 37: As much as the previous one, the dramatic effect of this room is due to the boat-shaped cradle bed.

  • nautical theme baby room boat cradle

Image 38: Especially in this project, the mixture of wallpapers of different colors with furniture in blue worked and was harmonious.

  • checkered and blue baby room

Neutral tones: simplicity with personality

Of course, even knowing the baby’s gender, some mothers prefer to opt for more neutral and discreet tones to compose the baby’s room decoration, leaving stronger colors only for small details.

Image 39: To clarify, neutral tones do not mean monotony. This room works with sober textures and colors.

  • baby room in neutral tones

Image 40: Not just white, but also modern. Scandinavian-style design in neutral tones.

  • white room with wooden crib

Image 41: Finally, the paintings on the wall are delicate and match the furniture, the highlight is the blue details.

baby room with neutral tones and colorful tree.

Total White

A trend coming along as a Scandinavian decorating style, completely white decorations or with little touches of light wood are increasingly popular and look beautiful.

Furthermore, it is a democratic style that can be used in various environments and is timeless.

Image 42: For example, in this all-white room the charm is due to the textures and the curtains.

  • fourth baby boy all white

Image 43: So here we have a black and white Scandinavian project. Here, the color point is for the plant and the details.

  • bedroom baby boy black and white

Picture 44: Boy’s white room with gray armchair. The mirror brings the vintage air.

totally white children's room

Boy Baby Rooms: Montessorians

If you’re following trends in early childhood education, you’ve probably heard of the Montessori Method. Usually the furniture is low, facilitating the child’s access.

Image 45: First of all, beautiful, secondly Montessori in blue and wood.

room with dark blue paneling

Picture 46: Montessori blue bedroom with children’s motifs.

little fox Montessori room

Picture 47: Finally, bedroom with exposed bricks and industrial style black Montessori bed.

industrial style bedroom

Baby Boy Bedroom: Country Style Bedroom

For those who like style, you can extend it to the room of the little one who is arriving, with lots of wood and rustic touches, it has everything to be original and fun.

Image 48: Many strong colors contrasting with dark wood and patchwork.

children's country decor

Image 49: However, the earthy tones, Cowboy painting and rustic furniture make a beautiful ensemble.

country baby bedroom rustic style

Image 50: In conclusion, project with shades of black and beige and natural leather rug.

Country bedroom with black accents and leather rug

Boy Baby Room: Rustic Style

This is a style that appeals to many people, mainly because it is simple and offers comfort and practicality.

Image 51: Rustic wooden crib with the wall and painting tones. Blue to give the masculine touch.

rustic wooden crib

Image 52: The industrial chandelier and rustic wood panel go well with the crib’s neutral tones and leather detailing.

industrial and rustic children's room

Men’s Baby Room: Provencal Style

This is a style that few mothers choose for baby boys, but besides being possible, it looks beautiful.

Image 53: Upholstered wall in neutral tones and wooden crib and bed.

Boy's room with Provencal decor with crystal chandelier

Picture 54: White room with gray half wall, discreet and elegant Provençal style.

Boy's Provencal bedroom in white and neutral tones

Image 55: You can certainly make a Provencal room in blue for the boys.

baby blue provencal bedroom

Chess in different shades

This pattern has been somewhat forgotten, but it has everything to do with baby rooms for boys. In addition to being fun, it is playful and the patterns are very diverse.

Picture 56: Room with checkered wallpaper in blue and gray contrasting with light furniture.

baby boy blue plaid room

Picture 57: Baby boy’s room with big chess on the wall and blank details.

Children's bedroom large plaid wallpaper

Image 58: On the other hand, this room features a more discreet checkerboard and in light tones.

Blue checkered baby room, room with children's motifs

Boy Baby Room: Beach Motifs

For those who live on the beach or just enjoy the style, there are some very charming references to a boy’s room.

Image 59: Blue and yellow boy’s room with maritime motifs.

beach boy baby nursery

Picture 60: Boy’s room with turquoise blue cradle and maritime motifs.

gray and blue beach boy room.

Image 61: In this project the blue wallpaper has texture and the frames complement the naval motif.

rustic beach boy qyadro.

Boy Baby Room: Shades of Red

It’s not usual, but there are beautiful options of red rooms for boys, without getting loaded and with great combinations.

Image 62: Gray and red room with blue and yellow accents.

red and gray nursery

Image 63: But in this room the highlight is all of the red wall.

baby room with black crib

Image 64: Project with walls stamped with dots and stripes, the red was for the details.

room black white and red boy

Circus as a decorating motif

One of the most used children’s motifs for boys’ rooms is the circus, in addition to being playful, it presents the possibility of combining many colors.

Image 65: Straight from the circus to the boy’s room.

circus boy baby room.

Image 66: Surprisingly, this room innovated and received awning and red sconces.

Image 67: In the same vein, the circus theme brought fun and originality to the boy’s room.

colorful room with circus motif

Baby boy twin’s room

When joy is doubled, the room needs to be designed to accommodate the mother and the new residents with comfort and practicality.

Picture 68: Elegant and traditional Provencal twin room in shades of gray and blue.

twin room classic boy

Image 69: Bespoke, white shelf

toy colorful room

Picture 70: Likewise twin evolutionary cradle in neutral tones and geometric wallpaper.

fourth neutral twin

Decor for twin baby room

Below are some decor options for twin rooms.

Image 71: The combined cradle optimizes space and supports books. Neutral colors and colorful accessories complete the decor.

colorful twins crib baby room

Image 72: Also, vibrant colors in a room with a wall of colored polka dots and a blue crib.

colored wall and blue cradle

Picture 73: Blue for twins with plaid wallpaper and blue dresser.

baby room with blue dresser

Black: bold and sophistication

Normally this is not a considered color for a nursery, but it is possible and can even be delicate.

Image 75: The project below has black walls and cradle and accessories in light tones.

black boy baby room

Image 76: Chalkboard wall matching gray and colored accessories

boy baby room black and gray

Image 77: Here the delicacy is down to the details.

black boy baby room

Male Baby Room: Black and White

At first, if you think black alone can be too much, look at the black and white designs.

Image 78: In the same line, black and white room with vertical stripes, sophisticated and discreet.

black and white striped nursery

Image 79: Scandinavian style bedroom in black and white with dot. Smoothness and delicacy.

black and white scandinavian baby room.

Image 80: So, another Scandinavian bedroom with a very minimalist black and white feel.

white scandinavian bedroom

Boy Baby Room: Galaxy

This is a very popular theme for baby boys, whether it’s a sober wallpaper or a big colorful painting, the theme is pleasing and successful.

Image 81: First, room with wall painting imitating the galaxy, the deep blue tone looks great in brightly lit environments.

galaxy wall baby room

Image 82: Similar to the previous one, ceiling imitating the galaxy, neutral furniture and white wall.

galaxy baby room

Picture 83: However here, the tone is more modernist, room in shades of blue with futuristic wallpaper.

boy room blue moon wallpaper

Baby Boy Room: Outer Space.

The following are pictures of projects that will make you consider the outer space theme for your baby’s room.

Image 84: Undeniably beautiful, this room has drawings of the solar system.

baby room outer space

Image 85: Solar system and white furniture, blue carpet completes the environment.

gray baby room with solar system

Image 86: Original, this baby room with colorful rockets and planets as well as playful is fun.

baby room rockets

Safari: inspirational wallpapers

Wallpaper is undoubtedly the most practical way to renew a room and put the theme or style you want in the baby’s room, see the inspirations below.

Image 87: Despite being eye-catching, the atmosphere was harmonious.

Yellow Safari Baby Room

Image 88: Safari-themed room with beautiful wood detailing on the ceiling.

safari room with wooden ceiling detail

Image 89: Different and original, the design applied with a white background is delicate and neutral.

safari wallpaper

Picture 90: Undoubtedly cute and charming wallpaper with plush and neutral colors.

green jungle baby room

Did you like our inspirations for your baby’s room? Keep following our website and stay on top of all the news and trends about interior design and architecture. Have you thought about the rug for the baby’s room? See our article on the subject.