Property / Realtor · October 29, 2021

Are you ready to buy an apartment?

Decisions are what make the path we travel, at Habi we know this and we are aware that one of the biggest decisions of your life is with usbuying an apartment. Today we will ask you 4 questions that will help you make this decision in the best way.

1. Where are you?

This question can be very open, but with it we want you to evaluate where you are in these 3 aspects:

Where are you at your job?

Where are you in your dreams?

Where is your current home?

Where are you at your job?

To buy an apartment, the most convenient thing is to have a stable job, not only because the banks will approve the loans easier, but because you will have a constant inflow of money, which will allow you to pay the debt more comfortably.

If instead of being an employee you are independent or freelance, you should review your finances well and make a plan to know how much income you must generate to meet the payment.

Buying an apartment in Habi comes with a bonus, our commercial advisers in addition to approaching the perfect apartment, help you analyze your ability to pay, and based on it they recommend the bank that best suits you, not all of them offer you what you need or adapt to your needs, we will help you choose the one that saves you the most money and gives you the most benefits. We are currently allies of 8 banks that give our clients preferential rates.

It could also happen that you do not feel happy in your current job, think carefully for how long you will be there and if that time is enough to generate the income you need to pay the debt of your new home, it would not be convenient for your finances to run out I work in the middle of this debt.

To make the decision to buy an apartment, we recommend that you be stable, calm and happy, now that you know, ask yourself: How am I in my work environment?

Work tips:

– Some companies have many benefits for employees when it comes to their home, ask the Human Talent department or employee cooperatives what possibilities they have for you.

– From your monthly salary you can save a part of the withholding tax, there is a tax rule that allows you to deduct a percentage of that money and allocate it to your housing quota, to manage these procedures you can consult with those in charge of the payroll of your business.

-Insurers offer unemployment insurance for those who unfortunately lose their jobs, they pay the monthly housing fee for a certain time.

You may also be interested in: Do I buy a new house or a used house?

– The famous layoffs are a fundamental tool when starting a home loan, they are money that you have saved in a fund and that can only be used for studies or for a new home, just tell the Human Talent department or to your direct boss so that they can put you in touch and you can start the process to withdraw the money, one of the advantages of doing so is that you will pay less interest.

– Has it ever happened to you that in a new job they ask you to open an account in a specific bank? This is because the company can have an agreement with that entity, these agreements are a win / win for banks, the company and employees, since they offer credit benefits with preferential rates for those who work in the company.

– If you are from the Colombian armed forces, we will tell you that there is a benefit called “Honor Box”, it is a housing subsidy that the heroes of the country receive through Bunco Popular.

– Your salary is the best measure you can have to know what property you can buy, the higher it is, the more money the banks can lend you and the better quality of life you can have.

Where are you in your dreams?

There are those who visualize themselves traveling the world, others building a family, others graduated from a master’s degree and some are still asleep on that subject, how are you? Knowing what our goals are can help us buy an apartment. If you want to have children, work from home, retire or something similar, it would be a very good idea to have an apartment of your own.

Tip to focus your dreams:

If you want to buy an apartment because your dreams are focused on investing and strengthening your economy, you are on the right track, real estate is a very profitable way to do it as long as you take into account the valuation of the property , keep in mind that the location is in the middle of an area of ​​high commercialization, with urban developments and points of influence such as shopping centers or parks, investigate the urban or housing projects that are being developed around it, maybe in a few years the area or the neighborhood change completely.

Where is your current home?

Where you live today can have unique qualities and benefits, for example being close to work, sharing expenses, or having a large garden for your pet, but it can also have many cons, for example not having privacy, that you live with many people or that it is already very deteriorated. Your current home and the way it adapts to your lifestyle can give you a lot of information to know if buying an apartment or not is the best option.

Housing tip:

– If you are renting: what are you waiting for to stop paying rent and start paying your own house? The difference between what you pay month to month for rent should not be very far from what would be the payment of a mortgage loan.

– If you are renting and want to buy in a new project, you must bear in mind that your expenses will increase, you will have to pay the rent plus the construction company fee, when buying a used one these two installments are reduced to one.

– Every time you pay the installment of your credit you are capitalizing, while when you pay rent you are not doing anything, that money that you spend you will never see again.

2. How are your finances?

You would think that this issue is closely linked to the work part, and yes, it has a lot to do with it, but it could happen that you have a stable job where you are extremely happy, but your bank account is full of red numbers, debts that are carried month by month much of your income and become the worst enemies when buying an apartment.

In addition to your credit obligations, there is also the way you manage your money and save, are you one of those people who when they see something they like, they buy it regardless of the end of the month? Or rather are you one of those who first analyze and take accounts to make a decision?

If you keep your finances in order, you always know how much you can or cannot count on to spend, then you are financially ready to be the owner of an apartment.

Finance tips:

– Set aside a maximum of 30% of your income to pay for your home.

– The approximate amount that banks lend you can be up to 40 times your salary.

– The interest resulting from your home loan can be deducted on your income statement.

– Some banks let you add the income of up to 4 members of your family group to approve a loan, this is a way to share the debt and reach the desired value for the loan.

– Check the financing modality that suits you best, with the leasing you will need less money for the initial fee, but the property will be in the name of the bank, with the mortgage it may be more expensive, but the property is yours from the beginning and you should not ask the bank for permission to remodel or sell.

3. Are you willing to take on more responsibilities?

Having an apartment is not only about thinking about the color that you are going to use on the walls, the pictures that you are going to hang or learning Feng shut to have the best located furniture, being an owner implies a series of obligations that you must take care of, for example, paying taxes, living with neighbors, cleaning, installing services, security and many others, are you willing to accept them?

It is not necessary that you be an orderly person, you just need to organize the priorities in your life and know that your new home is part of you and that you must take care of it as such. 

Tips responsibilities:

There are many applications that allow you to better manage your days and tasks; Electronic boards, agendas and calendars that you can monitor from your cell phone, with this type of application you create reminders so that you don’t forget to pay bills or taxes, save contacts for everyday services such as cleaning, locksmith or plumber, here you we recommend some:


The methodology of this app is based on the use of lists, in it you can create a board with all the pending tasks in your home, thus separating this topic from other activities such as work or your personal life.

Google calendar

If you have a Google account you surely have access to this application, the advantage is that it is connected to your email, you will have everything in one place.

Cloud Cal

The particularity of this app is that it graphically shows how many tasks you have per day, through circles it indicates the activities and marks the free spaces, so you can know when to schedule chores and tasks in your new home in an easier way.

4. What do you want?

You already know that you are financially stable, that you have the disposition for new responsibilities and that buying an apartment is a decision that brings you closer to your dreams, but… What do you want? An apartment in a quiet area, have 2 bathrooms, a garden? … You must be clear about what you want your new home to have, but above all what it is that you really need.