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Apartment Plans: +40 Photos with the Best Species

In addition to making the space more beautiful and full of life, plants can also provide a real therapeutic exercise for those who are responsible for its maintenance. The problem is that not everyone has a house or yard available to grow these vegetables. Therefore, there is a growing demand for apartment plants, as many people have realized that it is possible to grow these plants in small pots.

With that in mind, in this article we will introduce you to the main plants that you can use in your apartment, in order to help you choose the ideal species to compose the decoration of your home.

How to use apartment plants in your decoration?

Before purchasing a plant to use in your apartment, it is important to think about where it will be placed. In general, plants prefer well-lit environments or with indirect light, so that they can carry out photosynthesis and, consequently, maintain a healthy appearance. Therefore, there is no rule that specifies an ideal room to use your plant. It all depends on the traffic and lighting conditions in the environment. It is even possible to use plants in the bathroom and bedroom.

However, it’s also important to remember to integrate your plant into the decor of the room, especially since plants naturally draw a lot of attention. Therefore, in an environment full of decorative and flashy elements, some plants can increase the excess of information, which, visually, is not good. If the environment already has a lot of information, the ideal is to use more discreet plants to make the space more balanced.

The best floor plans

Currently there are several plants available on the market that could be used indoors. However, to facilitate your choice process, in the next topics you will learn about the 20 best floor plans for apartments, which, in fact, are the most used floor plans by professionals in interior decoration. Check out this selection!

Saint-George’s Sword

The Sword-of-Saint-Jorge is one of the best plants for apartments, as this plant is extremely resistant to drought, cold and heat, requires low maintenance and can be grown in full sun or semi-shade. In addition, its sword- or spear-shaped leaves, as well as its greenish hues and slow growth, also attract the attention of decorators. Therefore, this plant is widely used in landscaping and interior decoration.

It is worth remembering that the São Jorge sword is also well known in Brazilian popular culture, due to the belief that this species is an excellent spiritual protector.

Image 1: Sword-of-Saint-Jorge can make your minimalist room more elegant and cozy.

Plans for Apartment: Sword of Saint George.

Apartment Plants: Succulents

Succulents are excellent options to compose gardens, terrariums or interior decoration. After all, they are low-maintenance plants that grow well in semi-shade and are resistant. It is noteworthy that there are several species of succulents, and the stone rose, which is a succulent in the shape of a rose, is one that has attracted the most attention of decorators.

Image 2: The Stone Rose is a type of succulent with a flower shape that can make your side table or coffee table more beautiful.

Plans for Apartment: stone rose.

Image 3: But you can also use mini succulents in your decoration.

Apartment Plants: trio of mini succulents.

Apartment Plants: Cactuses

Cactuses are excellent apartment plants, due to their exotic beauty and low maintenance, as you don’t need to do a lot of watering. However, these plants need light and must be exposed to the sun at least three times a week. It is worth remembering that there are also several species of cactus, such as the cat-tail cactus and the thimble cactus. Therefore, it is important to check the characteristics and care of each one of them before buying yours.

Image 4: It is possible to use the cactus even in the decoration of your female room.

Apartment Plans: Giant Cactus.

Image 5: But you can also complement your decor with different plants, including cacti.

Plans for Apartment: cactus in the living room.

Apartment Plans: Palm Trees

Widely used in the composition of gardens, due to its tropical and exuberant appearance, some types of palm trees can also be used indoors, such as the fan palm and the areca palm. Therefore, it is important to check what are the specific cares for the species of palm you have chosen. However, in general, they all need moisture, heat, light and sunlight to develop.

Image 6: The fan palm is an excellent plant to make your room more elegant.

Apartment Plants: palm tree fan.

Image 7: However, you can also use the areca palm to create a clean and modern environment.

Apartment Plants: Areca palm.

Image 8: In addition, you can also include a phoenix palm vase in your living room decor.

Plans for Apartment: phoenix palm tree.

Elegant camedorea

The elegant camedorea is also a type of palm tree, but small. It draws attention for its elegant and charming appearance, for its moderate growth, for its low maintenance and for its beauty, being widely used in interiors and commercial establishments, such as malls and offices. The elegant camedorea needs to be grown in semi-shade or diffused light, in a pot with soil rich in organic matter, with good drainage and frequent irrigation.

Image 9: You can use a camedorea vase to decorate your coffee table.

Plans for Apartment: elegant camedorea in the living room.

Image 10: However, it is also possible to use a camedorea vase beside the sofa.

Elegant camedore in the vase beside the sofa.


The pleomele is a tropical plant that stands out for its exuberant and unusual appearance, as its leaves are bicolor and have a lighter green hue on the edges. It is widely used in landscaping projects and interior decoration, where the pot-grown version is generally used.

It is worth remembering that this plant is also suitable for indoor air purification, because it is considered efficient in removing toxic compounds from the air, such as formaldehyde and toluene. In addition, pleomele can be cultivated in full sun, semi-shade or diffused light, and it is necessary that the substrate contains fertile soil and enriched with organic matter. Also, irrigation must be done regularly.

Image 11: The contrast between the colors of the pleomele and the red vase make a beautiful effect on the decoration.

Plants for Apartment: pleomele in red pot.

Image 12: But you can also opt for a more modern vase that matches the room’s decor.

Room decorated with pink vase with pleomele.


Zamioculca is a plant that is surprising for its beauty, rusticity and ornamental foliage, which made it one of the best plants for apartments. One of the advantages of its use is related to its resistance, since it can be used in shaded places where other plants would not survive.

In addition, zamioculca has a very low maintenance, as it is slow growing and requires watering at spaced intervals. However, if you have animals or small children at home, it is necessary to be careful that this plant is not ingested, because all its parts are poisonous.

Image 13: The vase with zamioculca gives elegance and freshness to the environment.

Room decorated with zamioculcas vase.

Image 14: In addition, it is a great choice for rooms with minimalist decor.

Minimalist room decorated with zamioculcas.

Philodendron Brazil

The Brazilian philodendron stands out for presenting a foliage composed of different shades of green, which creates a contrast that leaves the plant with a different and exuberant look. This plant is indicated to be grown in pots and baskets, being widely used indoors. The Brazilian philodendron must be cultivated in semi-shade or diffused light, in fertile soil enriched with organic matter, in addition to frequent irrigation.

Image 15: Use a decorated pot to plant your philodendron.

Plants for apartment: philodendron in green pot.

Image 16: But you can also opt for a modern vase.

Plans for apartment: philodendron-brasil.

Apartment Plants: Bromeliad

Bromeliads are tropical and lush plants that attract attention wherever they are grown. Despite being widely seen outdoors, it is also widely used in interior decoration.

In addition, there are several species of bromeliads, which means that you will have to choose from the varieties that are available on the market, each of which requires specific care. However, in general, bromeliads like moist environments, so they should be watered frequently, and should be grown in semi-shade, as direct light can burn the leaves.

Image 17: Bromeliads can transform the look of your bookcase.

Living room bookcase decorated with bromeliads.

Image 18: In addition, you can use small species to compose decorative vases.

Coffee table decorated with mini bromeliads.

Apartment Plants: Fern

Ferns are always listed on the best apartment floor plans. This is due to its exuberant appearance and its easy adaptation to indoor environments. In addition, you can find several types of ferns available on the market, each of which promotes a different effect on the decoration. In general, this plant likes airy places, with direct or indirect lighting, warm and with good humidity.

Image 19: The fern can provide the missing touch of color to complement the look of your planned room.

Simple white room decorated with fern.

Image 20: Your bookcase will look much more beautiful and attractive with several potted plants, including the fern.

Shelf decorated with potted plants.

Image 21: In addition, you can use the metro fern to make your decor more exuberant.

Space decorated with books and fern.


Widely used in landscaping, anthurium can also be one of the best plants for apartments. After all, this plant has flowers and leaves in unique colors, which differ depending on the variety. In addition, it is widely used in vases and can be stored in poorly lit environments. However, anthurium requires a very moist soil, which means you will need to invest in frequent watering and a substrate rich in organic matter.

Image 22: This lush plant catches the eye in your decorated room.

Room with giant vase of anthuriums.

Image 23: But you can also use it to compose your big and luxurious room.

Luxurious room decorated with anthuriums.

Image 24: The look and beauty of anthurium will transform the look of your room.

Plants for apartment: anthurium.

Boa constrictor

The boa constrictor is widely used in interior decoration and is usually sold in vases. This plant stands out for its appearance, with different shades of green, for its showy appearance and for its ability to adapt to different substrates. In addition, it can be grown in full sun and should be planted in soil rich in organic matter so that the plant remains healthy looking and grows fast.

Image 25: Use a boa constrictor vase to decorate your bookcase.

Room decorated with boa constrictor vase.


The pacová, also known as aloe vera, draws attention for its bright flowers and its thick leaves, with a texture reminiscent of leather. Therefore, it is widely used in landscaping projects, both in gardens and indoors, when it is generally used in pots. This plant should always be grown in semi-shade and in fertile soil with organic matter. Also, being a tropical plant, it is not cold tolerant.

Image 26: You can use a pacova vase to complement your elegant home decor.

Room decorated with elegant vase with pacová.

Image 27: However, you can also use colored pots to grow this plant.

Plans for apartment: pacová.

Adam’s rib

Images of illustrations and environments decorated with rib-of-Adam are very easy to be found on social networks. After all, this is one of the most famous apartment plants today, since the Adam’s rib stands out for its large, broad leaves, with an unusual shape and a unique hue. For its maintenance, it is necessary that it is cultivated in half shade and with regular watering.

Image 28: The Adam’s rib can also be used to decorate the book shelf.

Bookcase decorated with books and vase with Adam's rib.

Image 29: However, the truth is that it can complement any space in the house.

Plans for apartment: rib-of-Adam.

Banyan tree

One of the most famous apartment plants on social networks nowadays is the Figueira-lira (Ficus lyrata), due to its exuberant appearance and its ease of care. This plant should be grown in well-lit places or under shade, as long as it is near windows where the sun shines. In addition, the fig tree is quite resistant to pests and diseases, with the exception of scale insects, and should not be cultivated in very cold environments.

Image 30: This beautiful and imposing plant is also widely used in minimalist and neutral environments.

Plans for apartment: ficus lyrata.

Image 31: But you can also use it in association with other plants.

Scandinavian dining room with ficus lyrata.

Lucky bamboo

Despite its appearance, Lucky Bamboo is not a real bamboo, but it was popularized through the practice of Feng Shun, as practitioners believe that this plant is capable of promoting luck and good fluids for all that is. New, like marriage and the birth of a child.

The thin stalks that make up the lucky bamboo can be molded and acquire various shapes, such as spirals and hearts and, therefore, it is widely used in the making of arrangements. In addition, it grows well in semi-shade or diffused light and can be grown in water, hydroponically, to be used indoors.

Image 32: A lucky bamboo arrangement will make a difference on your side table or coffee table.

Apartment plants: Lucky Bamboo.

Image 33: And you can even assemble an arrangement using lucky bamboo and black dolomite.

Apartment plants: Lucky Bamboo.


Among all apartment plants, the orchid stands out for its elegance, delicacy and variety. After all, orchids belong to the orchidaceous family, which has over 25 thousand cataloged species. However, in general, they do best in shaded places and need light for at least four hours a day.

In addition, it is important to remember that each species requires specific care related to the substrate, watering, lighting and fertilization. Therefore, it is important to check the characteristics of the specific species you intend to buy before choosing your orchid.

Image 34: You can set up a space on the balcony just for your orchids.

Balcony decorated with several orchid pots.

Image 35: In addition, orchids are elegant plants that, when flowering, will make your room much more colorful.

Vases with different types of orchid.

Image 36: But you can also assemble a unique vase with different species of orchids.

Vase decorated with orchids.

Peace lily

The Peace Lily is named after its white and delicate flowers, which convey this feeling of peace and tranquility. In addition to being beautiful, this plant is also distinguished by being cultivated in semi-shade. Therefore, it is widely used in the composition of gardens and interior decoration. But if you want to keep the peace lily always beautiful, it’s also important to invest in constant watering and regular fertilization.

Image 37: The peace lily makes your space more beautiful and delicate.

Plants for apartment: peace lily.

Image 38: And you can even use a modern vase to decorate the room or hallway.

Room decorated with peace lily vase.


Violet draws attention for its colorful flowers and its delicate look. It has succulent leaves that can have different shades depending on the variety. Furthermore, despite the name, it is possible to find varieties with white, pink, salmon and violet flowers.

Generally, this plant is sold in small pots, being widely used on windowsills or in decorating tables inside the apartment. In addition, violet is easy to maintain and needs to be watered two to three times a week. This plant also likes light, but exposure to direct light can damage the leaves and flowers.

Image 39: Violets are small, delicate plants that can be used on any table.

Plants for apartment: violet.

Image 40: However, you can also use pots with different plants to decorate your room.

Table decorated with various types of plants.

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