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Amigurumi: What It Is, How To, 100+ Models to Inspire

The amigurumi technique is well known and used by many people, so much so that today it has fallen into popular taste and has been very successful.

Crochet or knitting dolls are used in different ways, both in decoration and to calm babies.

In the latter case, we give as an example the octopus, which is made to bring calm and protection to the newborn, as the tentacles refer to the umbilical cord and cause a feeling of security similar to that of the mother’s uterus.

In addition, this technique was very well planned and elaborated, bringing a balance of body and mind.

In this way, those who work with this type of art are interconnected with the project’s imagination and, also, with the satisfaction of its realization. However, the size of the amigurumi can vary between 10 and 30 cm.

Image 01: Giraffes can even be used as a decoration piece.

giraffe amigurumi

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What is amigurumi?

Very popular in Brazil, amigurumis are crochet or knitting dolls that emerged in the 1980s in Japan and have since grown more and more. From then on, this type of craft started to conquer other countries.

Image 02: In addition, amigurumis can be used to decorate baby showers or birthdays.

 for party decoration

The idea was so good that in 2002 the Japanese Amigurumi Association was created. However, one of the best known figures that uses the amigurumi technique is Hello Kitty, but other characters have emerged over time.

Image 03: In this way, different types of animals can become beautiful pieces of decoration and full of emotion and expressionism.

little ladybugs to decorate

Where did it come from?

Appearing in the 16th century, the Danish writer Lies Paladin tried to discover the origin of crochet in Europe and made some theories. The most likely is that crochet originated in Arabia and arrived in Spain via the trade routes of the Mediterranean.

Image 04: They can be simple, but they can also be very personalized like this rabbit.

rabbit amigurumi

Types of amigurumi

There are several types of amigurumis, from the ones made for babies that are used to reassure them to the ones created according to the creativity and exploration of their ideas. However, most of them are made for room decoration.

This diversity occurs because the technique of making the amigurumi allows the elaboration of various pieces such as:

  • cartoon characters
  • Animals
  • Flowers
  • Plants… a world of creativity.

Image 05: Even small characters can be represented through amigurumis.

puppet couple

In this way, the amigurumis become objects that please all audiences. Since all this technique was elaborated and very well planned for a better exploration of man’s knowledge, his body and his mind.

Thus, those who make art feel connected to the imagination of their project and the satisfaction of its realization.

For those who receive the amigurumi, the project is in perfect harmony. In this way, you have the feeling of pleasure in touching it and in the company of beautiful details involving the interpretation of the touch.

Image 06: And it can be performed at all ages. What matters is creativity.

amigurumi grandpa and grandma

Many characters don’t have a mouth to not express definite emotions. This way, on a day when you feel sad, you will have the feeling that the doll is also sad.

On a day when you are happy, the doll will be happy too. So your doll companion will be able to keep you company at all times, whether they are sad or happy.

Step by step to make your own amigurumi

To be able to make an amigurumi in crochet, medium wool and a 4mm needle will be used.

Despite many techniques, the one that prevails is the use of low point allied to the magic ring that avoids the hole near the center of the sphere, invisible reductions. They are used to maintain the consistency of the point, preventing the filling from leaking.

Image 07: Even the kitties are cute like amigurumi. So be inspired by this very simple model.

kitty amigurumi

So, to make an amigurumi, basically, you’ll just need thread, needles, acrylic filler, scissors, measuring tape, buttons, felt and glue to give the animals the final finish.

You will also need to know some knitting or crochet techniques in order to create an amigurumi.

However, the difference in execution is quite simple.

In the traditional low stitch, after inserting the needle in the space to be worked, we bring the loop by placing the needle below the yarn that comes from the ball.

The low cross stitch is done by pulling the loop with the tip of the needle over the thread.

In general, they opt for the mercerized cotton line, as it makes the finish more beautiful and shiny. But, there are those who opt for string yarn, because it is thicker and yields. However, for those who are just beginning, this yarn is also the most recommended.

Image 08: You can create whatever you want with the amigurumi technique. So, let your creativity go far.

creative amigurumi

Bamboo handle needle

Bamboo handle crochet hooks are made of bamboo, aluminum and have a different handle.

This can provide greater lightness and comfort during handling. They are light and help with agility. In addition, it has various sizes ranging from 1.25 mm to 5.0 mm and are also special for circle wires.

Image 09: Llamas are very friendly animals and can be used for decoration.

llama in amigurumi

Stitches used in crochet

Image 10: Do you want to start this technique? So how about starting with a little elephant?

elephant playing in amigurumi

The most used crochet stitch is the chain. This is because it is considered one of the simplest points of this technique, as it simulates a braid.

So, when starting to make the chain, you can choose the more or less open stitch, which can vary depending on the choice of thread and needle.

To make crochet animals, you will need:

  • common scissors;
  • Acrylic blanket, down or other filler of your choice;
  • Needle for embroidery;
  • Black embroidery thread;
  • Threads for crochet of your choice and with the colors: white and brown.

Image 11: Dinosaurs are very special options for training your points.

dinosaurs are welcome

Specific thread

With medium thickness, which is composed of 55% acrylic and 45% cotton, Amigurumi yarn is ideal for the technique of crochet and knitting dolls. In addition, it also has color variations.

So, among so many options, now you can use your creativity to create fun children’s pets and dolls.

Image 12: In the same way, bet on different animals such as sheep to be able to open your creative niche even further.

creative and furry sheep

This cotton yarn is twice as thick as the Anne thread and is ideal for making crochet decorations or crochet or knit garments.

See some washing instructions for amigurumis:

  • Hand wash, using gentle movements, using neutral bar soap or liquid.
  • Rinse under running water;
  • Don’t twist;
  • Remove excess water with a bath towel;
  • Dry in the shade, do not let water accumulate at the edges;
  • Must not be hung.

Another feature of the amigurumi is that these dolls have geometric shapes with a head and trunk, usually in the shape of a sphere and cylindrical limbs. The body, on the other hand, emphasizes large eyes and head, with a medium torso and small disproportionate limbs.

The head may or may not contain noses and mouths, and with a wide variety of materials that can be used for eyes. When they are ready, most vary from 10 to 30cm, the joints are made of wire most of the time so that the doll can stay in specific positions.

Image 13: Octopuses are great options to keep with newborn babies. That’s because they have tentacles that resemble the umbilical cord and bring calm to them by looking like they’re still inside the belly.

octopus of various colors

Amigurumi models to get inspired

Image 14: Different animals always draw attention, as is the case with this little pig.

pig for decoration

Image 15: In the same way as unusual crafts. Performing amigurumi with shapes of food and cups are quite successful.

objects and food amigurumi

Image 16: So how about betting on a toucan?

toucan sitting

Image 17: Or this little pink cuteness?

pink amigurumi sheep

Image 18: But the idea is also valid for those who like to play and make fun of situations like this virus model.

corona amigurumi virus

Image 19: In real life it may not be wanted, but with this technique the mice will surely become very cute and cute animals.

little mouse in amigurumi

Image 20: The same goes for this goat option.

decorative goat

Image 21: How about betting on a beautiful triceratops dinosaur?

green dinosaur to decorate

Image 22: Whales are also very unusual animals.

small orca whale

Image 23: And to bring even more cuteness, then how about betting on developing a lazy amigurumi?

sloth amigurumi

Image 24: However, you can also make toys using these techniques.

toys for kids

Image 25: So look at this more example with a rabbit.

toy to train the aim

Image 26: But amigurumis can also be made in large sizes.

big amigurumi

Image 27: Or in medium sizes.

small dinosaur

Image 28: However, the larger models are the ones that draw more public attention and captivate this market even more.

big owl with big dots

Image 29: Giving space to various types of animals and ideas.

elephants for boys and girls

Amigurumi for boys

Image 30: As for the boys, how about betting on a beautiful lion with a very friendly face?

decorative lion in amigurumi

Image 31: Teddy bears are also great options.

bear with scarf

Image 32: Puppies with bright colors bring happiness to the child and also in decoration.

dog with tie

Image 33: Hippos are very nice to cuddle.

hippopotamus in amigurumi

Image 34: There are several models of bears to choose from.

sweater bear

Image 35: Make turtles of different sizes and colors.

little turtle

Image 36: So how about a bear in a sweater?

bear in sweater amigurumi

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Image 37: To show how precious your child is, a bear king can pass on this information.

amigurumi bear king

Image 38: Animal models with clothes are also successful.

t-shirt animal

Image 39: Boys like supernatural things. Then bet on an alien.

alien amigurumi

Image 40: To encourage the future, an aviator bear beside his plane.

bear and plane

Image 41: With the same idea, an astronaut.

astronaut amigurumi

Image 42: Or just the spaceship.


Image 43: This trio cannot be missing from the collection.

little super heroes

Image 44: However, babies can also have their spaceships with happy faces.

baby spaceship

Amigurumi for girls

Image 45: Girls usually like cute animals, so how about this cute bunny?

rabbit amigurumi

Image 46: Cacti can be pretty cute.

cute little cacti

Image 47: Unicorns make a girl’s life a killer.

colored unicorn

Image 48: A doll and her kitten.

doll and cat

Image 49: A beautiful unicorn.

colored unicorcio

Image 50: Who said that girl can’t have a rocket?

female space rocket

Image 51: And this kit with a kitten?

kitten and baskets

Image 52: A doll with her bear.

doll with amigurumi bear

Image 53: Simple model to inspire.

amigurumi doll

Image 54: A winter fashion doll.

modern doll

Image 55: Beehive.

bee doll

Image 56: Big girls can have theirs too.

modern woman amigurumi

Image 57: A fairy to differentiate

fairy amigurumi

Image 58: A small town doll.

personalized amigurumi

Image 59: So, to finish this block, look at this mermaid.

it would be lilac and purple

Flower amigurumi

Image 60: Bet on smiling flowers

colorful flower with face

Image 61: However, don’t be afraid of not putting faces either.

vessel composition

Image 62: Roots can have life!

custom roots

Image 63: And bears can deliver flowers and be colorful.

colorful bear with flowers

Image 64: For those who like ornamental plants, then the bet on cacti and amigurumi succulents is an excellent option.

amigurumi ornamental plants

Image 65: How about making personalized plants with very different colors to create a very unique environment at home?

sunflower differentiated in amigurumi

Image 66: You can also make colored tulips with this technique and decorate your room.

colorful tulips

Image 67: Flowers and message on boards.

flower amigurumi

Image 68: More flowerpot ideas.

personalized tulips

Image 69: As already said, plant roots can also be part of this work of art. So just take a look at this composition.

custom vases

Image 70: And what about this beautiful flower of fire?

exotic amigurumi plant

Character amigurumi

Image 71: Some amigurumi models may have happy faces.

DC characters

Image 72: Having the entire team from Marvel and DC is now possible.

Image 73: So tell me what you think about having your amigurumi on your favorite superhero’s keychain?

heroes keychain

Image 74: Heroes in miniatures look even cuter, don’t they?

Marvel characters

Image 75: And what about this collection?

Marvel characters

Image 76: And the cutest ogre couple out there can be part of your collection and decorate your home.

Sherek and Fiona

Image 77: Do you like anime? So how about having your pet shaped like one of your favorite Pokémon characters?

four pokemons in amigurumi

Image 78: Baby Yoda looks cute even with this technique.

baby yoda in amigurumi

Image 79: And for fans of the Among Us game.

game among us

Image 80: Princesses are also beautiful options.

princesses made in amigurumi

Image 81: In addition, we can also mention the little mermaid.

The Little Mermaid

Image 82: And let’s go from Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle.

peter pan in amigurumi

Image 83: And for those who loved this design, Snoop can also be found.

snoop and bird

Image 84: And for those who like to collect the classic characters, just take a look at this gallery.

collection of characters in amigurumi

Bear amigurumi

Image 85: Teddy bears can have scars.

amigurumi with bruise

Image 86: But they can also be quite fancy.

hat amigurumi

Image 87: Or even sleepy.

sleepy bear in amigurumi

Image 88: However, what matters is having style.

amigurumi in sweatshirt

Image 89: Regardless of its size.

giant bear in amigurumi

Image 90: Or shade.

very colorful amigurumi

Image 91: Even the aviators.

Aviator Bear Amigurumi

Image 92: Or those who like honey.

pooh bear in amigurumi

Image 93: They can also be part of compositions.

bear set

Image 94: Key rings.

amigurumi bear keychain

Image 95: Or be a small ornament.

chubby little amigurumi

Image 96: Can also be used for beautiful benches.

amigurumi chair

Image 97: Sitting on benches.

amigurumi bear

Image 98: Enjoying a beautiful friendship.

amigurumi for girls and boys

Image 99: A couple of well-dressed bears.

amigurumi bear couple

Image 100: And finally, a little bear with glasses to bridge the gaps.

amigurumi with glasses

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