Property / Realtor · October 29, 2021

7 advantages of calculating the value of your property with an online tool

Calculating the value of your property is something you should know this year; that is why there are online tools that can help you calculate it, they have two essential elements to achieve this purpose in an easier and simpler way:

  1.  One, because they have a long history and the support of companies of great recognition worldwide and of great impact for the real estate sector.
  2. Two, because they offer you the information you need to know about the conditions of your property.

Whatever the reason for knowing the value of your home, remember that the benefits offered by online value reference tools are innumerable, however, we tell you two by three the advantages of this innovative technique:

1. They give you an estimate according to the real market offer 

Online tools allow you to obtain a reference value of a commercial appraisal of any property, they give you an overview of whether the sale or purchase is being made at a fair price, based on an analysis of your area and the properties of your neighbors. .

On the other hand, this valuation is made based on different characteristics that are what give value to a property, such as location, current market prices in the area, the condition of the property, the value of the square meter , services with which it has, among others, giving you an estimate with quality and market-oriented data.

2. Calculating the value of your property online is versatile and the closest thing to a commercial appraisal 

The price reference of an online tool is the result of a technical and practical study and is very versatile, since it follows the same actions and steps of a traditional appraisal, but online, likewise, it allows you to determine the commercial value of your property with easy-to-understand data that will be at your disposal at any time. How to calculate the value of your house?

 3. You save time and effort

This is one of the main advantages of online estimates, since they are the closest thing to conventional commercial real estate appraisals but keeping differences, in terms of efforts and the type of transactions required; Of course, the advantage of doing it online is the time it takes and being able to calculate it without leaving your home, thus improving your experience just by filling out an online form.

4. You can calculate the value of your property from anywhere 

What previously represented long visits for an expert opinion, is now a process of a few simple steps, now you have the possibility of requesting the value of any home from wherever you are: home, office or even during a trip in the comfort of a Jacuzzi. Rest assured that you will get a complete summary in seconds.

Calculating the value of your property with an online tool like Habanero brings you many more advantages 

Habanero is an online tool created by Habi that allows you to calculate the value of your property for free and with additional advantages:

5. You have results with quality data 

The price references of our Habanero tool, generates accurate results based on unique databases, with a large amount of collaborative information and one of the largest in the country, which guarantees the reliability of the study given in real time.

“We make a massive effort to calculate the value of your property with quality data built not only with real estate listing databases, but with information sources from financial partners as well as data from cadastral sources and figures from real estate scientists”  explains Juan Sokoloff, director of analytical Habi. 

6. Habanero has a methodology very close to traditional commercial appraisals

To achieve a detailed study we created a very agile method that combines the steps of a traditional appraisal with technology and artificial intelligence, which allows us to provide many benefits with alternatives 30 times faster, where beyond a value, you obtain relevant information and reference of any property you want to analyze.

7. We take care of your data  

We understand the importance of the confidentiality and security of the information we manage, as well as the national regulations on data processing. All these elements are considered in the design of Habanero and are taken into account as a fundamental pillar to calculate the value of your property.