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6 tips for selling real estate online

The sale time of a property in Colombia is approximately between 9 and 12 months. A period of uncertainty where sellers must show their home over and over again. If you are living this situation you must be wondering how to sell my house online? And looking for advice to sell real estate online, hoping to streamline the sale process.

Tips for selling real estate online

We did the task of finding out what are the keys to selling on the web easily, quickly and safely. We compiled these tips for selling real estate, which will help you go from saying “I want to sell my house online” to “I sold my house online”.

There are 2 ways to sell your house online. One is by advertising on pages to list houses; and the other is to offer your property to companies that buy houses.

Regardless of the option you choose, these are the tips for selling real estate online:

  1. Make the property attractive

Before putting your property up for sale, it is ideal that you fix it. For example, if the paint on the walls has worn away, repaint them. This will improve the appearance of the site. Also, keep it clean, tidy and smelling nice.

  1. Take good quality photos and videos

On the internet everything enters through the eyes. Therefore, it is necessary that you photograph and make good quality videos where all the spaces of your property are seen. You can even photograph the places of interest that are in the area, such as shopping centers, schools, parks or transport stations, to highlight the advantages of buying your home.

  1. Be clear about how much the property is worth 

Before putting it up for sale you must know how much you will sell the house or apartment for. For this you can carry out a commercial appraisal online. This will tell you the price per square meter and what the sale value of the property is.

The advantage of doing an appraisal is that you have the certainty that you will sell at a fair price for you and for the buyers. Which prevents you from taking longer than is appropriate or selling for less than your home is worth.

  1. Research the real estate buying and selling pages

On the internet there are hundreds of websites to sell houses. Therefore, to make a good sale, investigate all the pages that catch your attention. Then, choose the ones that best suit your needs. This will help you make sure that the page is real and trustworthy. Also, look for comments and references from the websites to sell houses. This will confirm if it is a company registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Highlight the advantages and differentials of your property 

Another of the tips to sell real estate online, which you can use, whether you sell your house to a company or prefer to put your ad on pages to put houses for sale is to highlight the advantages of the property, such as its construction characteristics, the benefits that has the complex or building and the sites that are close to the house.

Point out what are the differentials that your house has and that can make it more attractive. For example, if it is designed for families with young children and has security bars on the windows; or if it is ideal for pets and has a patio and garden.

  1. Contact and make an appointment

In this first contact, he filters between those who are really going to buy the house from those who are not. For that,

  • Describe the characteristics of your property and the area:

Be honest with the damage or inconvenience to the home.

  • Ask potential buyers questions:

How long do you want to buy the house?

What is your budget?

What characteristics are you looking for in the property?

This way you make sure you only make an appointment with those who are really interested in the property. Thus, you will avoid wasting time showing your house to people who do not have a real interest or cannot make the purchase.

Where can I sell my house online for free?

Person reading about tips for selling your home online

As we discussed in previous paragraphs, another option may be to sell your house online to companies with recognition in the country that are backed by Real Estate Lonjose, which are associations that promote the quality of the real estate market in Colombia.

At Habi we are a Startup in the real estate sector and we are in Bogotá, Medellin, Cali and Barranquilla. We work with Big Data and artificial intelligence, so you can sell us your house in 10 days. In addition, we bring the digital notary to your home.

When you sell to Habi you don’t have to worry about your house being mortgaged or the arrangements you have to make, since we take care of that.

We Buy Homes in Trouble is a website to which you can sell your house when you are in an emergency situation and you need money immediately, such as a pre-embargo, loss of job or death. This company has coverage in Bogotá and Medellin.

Urbana is a construction company with coverage in Bogotá, Cali and Bucaramanga that buys your property, lot or land.

I want to sell a house online.

If you still say: “I want to sell a house online ” but you have not found the right buyer, and you want to make sure that your purchase is safe and fast, another of our tips for selling real estate is to sell your house or apartment to Habi.

Habi is reliable

When we sell an item online, it is common for us to have doubts about whether the buyer is real and our sale is a reliable and legal business. When you sell to Habi you are doing a safe business. Our transactions are backed by Ban Colombia, Bunco de Bogotá, Compatriot, La Sonja de Bogotá and La Sonja de Medellin. In addition, we have collaborated with the Ministry of Housing in the creation of the first digital mortgage in the country, and the Ministry of Technology and Communications participating in the Mission Mantic program.

Benefits of selling your house online to Habi

“Selling my house online to Habi is an easy, fair, fast process and with cash payment” this is what our clients say.

Here we want to tell you what makes selling Habi the best transaction of your life.


When you sell your house to Habi, you shouldn’t worry. We take care of the notarial and registration procedures, and the repairs you have to do.

Fair price 

With our Habanero tool you can know the value of your property, which is set through a process of analytics and Big Data analyzing the price of the square meter in each area of ​​the city and the characteristics of the construction, the facade and the area. Where your property is located.

Fast and online

Our entire process is digital, from the registration to the signing of the deeds because what makes us beat at Habi is technology, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Diego Gambia, Director of Engineering at Habi, states “ Everything we do, the changes we make and the decisions we make are based on data analysis, we use external and proprietary sources of information that allow us to create assertive models and on all help our users. ”

Cash payment

We consign the value we pay for your property in cash to your bank account. So if you are looking for immediate liquidity for a business opportunity, job change or any other situation, selling to Habi in addition to being fast and safe would also be the best real estate transaction of your life.

Selling online does not happen by magic, just like personal sales you need to make an effort to get and convince the customer. Follow our advice to sell real estate and make sure that selling your house online is a safe, reliable transaction and in which you earn money by reinforcing the advantages of your property.