Recognized for its historic and cultural contribution, the European Union awarded Diep9 Genever the prestigious O'de Flander seal, a "Protected Designation of Origin" and equivalent of an appellation or AOC, guaranteeing an original grain genever crafted entirely in East-Flanders, Belgium from 100% East-Flemish grains. Read the book Genever: 500 Years of History in a Bottle

Founded in 1910 and located in Aalst, a medieval town in the East-Flemish country side of Belgium, Stokerij De Moor handcrafts Diep9 Genever from first grain to last drop in 52 gallon batches.

​During World War I invading German armies stripped Belgian genever distilleries of copper stills and piping, melting down the metal for shell casings. This brought traditional genever production to a halt, almost ending a national tradition in Belgium. The distillery's founder, Frans De Moor, lost his life in 1914 when he refused to relinquish his copper pot still to German occupiers. He was executed in full view of the public on the town's bridge and stabbed with a bayonet to ensure his death. After seeing Frans De Moor shot and stabbed to death, his wife, Anna, rebuilt the distillery in defiance. Four generations later, Stokerij De Moor continues to handcraft genever from first grain to last drop, preserving the time-honored tradition of using copper pot stills, premium grains, and all natural ingredients.