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authentic genever, THE GRANDFATHER OF GIN

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handcrafted from grain to drop in 52 gallon batches 
in Belgium's smallest active grain distillery 
since 1910

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Beverage Testing Institute

"Diep9 redefines genever in the US

and sets a new standard for others to try to match. Highly Recommended" 
Spirit Review, Chris Carlsson

"Sure there are other genever brands on the market. But they pale in comparison to the luscious quality of Diep9.

I beg that you seek a bottle of Diep9. They are doing a historically correct version of our original gin"

Foodista, Warren Bobrow

Genever is considered the soul of Belgium, ever since it was first distilled in Flanders, Belgium during the 16th century, where it was used for medicinal purposes says Veronique Beittel, author of Genever: 500 Years of History in a Bottle. As with any culturally integral food or drink, its history and its character are intricately tied to the soil and water from which it grows. This unique spirit category is as diverse, complicated and delightful to explore as the world of whiskey or cognac. The world’s tipplers approved, placed large orders, and Genever jugs were loaded onto ships on their way to America. New York notably went wild for the stuff in the 1800’s, eventually dedicating entire bars to Genever cocktails – a true statement to its quality and versatility as a spirit. Prohibition ended that party, as it did so many parties, ​ burying this booze culture in oceans of time. Belgium’s own Genever prohibition (1919 – 1985) further fractured the Genever industry, and as cultural tastes shifted, Genever was replaced by beer as the drink of choice in Belgium.

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 crafted in 52 gallon batches and bottled in original, handcrafted clay jugs,

its iconic shape is recognizable and unique to genever 



Pre-prohibition in 1920  the import of Genever to the U.S. was five times greater than gin. 

If you were having a cocktail party in the 1800s you were shaking up Genever cocktails. 

Diep9 Genever’s inherent mixability is a major asset behind the bar.



Today Genever is extremely hard to find and a fairly unknown and mostly misunderstood spirit even though

its history is intricately integrated in the way Americans and the rest of the world drinks today.​​ 

Join Diep9 Genever on its quest to share the untold history of this versatile spirit and reintroduce this lost cocktail ingredient to the US.