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authentic genever, THE GRANDFATHER OF GIN

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Diep9 Genever is handcrafted from grain to drop in Belgium's smallest active grain distillery and bottled by hand in historic, handcrafted clay jugs which are still being found in old shipwrecks. The clay jug's iconic shape is recognizable and unique to genever and 100% biodegradable. Diep9 Genever (pronounced "deep nine juh-nee-ver") inherits its name from the deep 500 year-old history of genever, and from the nine botanicals immersed in its centuries-old distillation process.

Diep9 Genever recreates pre-prohibition, classic cocktails. Genever, the grandfather of gin, has been Belgium's national and traditional spirit for over 500 years. This unique spirit category inspired the creation of gin and secured a place at America's early cocktail bars. If you were having a cocktail party in the 1800s you were shaking up genever cocktails.

If you want to know more about this lost spirit that is making its way back to the US and reviving the classic cocktail taste,

"Genever: 500 Years of History in a Bottle" is a must have book in your spirits library.


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